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  • Claire Lécuyer

    17 March, 2021 at 10:35 am

    Hi Cindy, thank you for sharing your experience! I’m also really anxious when I have to sing alone (luckily I’m not a lead singer in any band haha, but do some solo singing sometimes), I feel I’m shaking, not breathing well, etc. I know that it’s something to get used to with practicing… But I note your tips! However, for the moment, listeners compliments still don’t help me ^^

    Something funny for me: I am much LESS nervous to play the harp with people nearby, though I’m a beginner, than I am when I sing; maybe I am far more tough on myself with singing because I’m more trained. And also because voice is something very personal. With the harp, yes I’m anxious too, but nothing similar, and I have a kind of ‘excuse’ to be a beginner haha. Did you feel the same?

    Also, nice to meet a fellow metalhead here 😉 (yeah I know, my profile pic doesn’t show that I’m listening to dark music, I made it for a specific video not yet posted here)