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  • Tanya Stephens

    16 March, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    Hi Claire. Thanks for the advice about the carpet! I’m probably worrying for nothing anyway. It’s mainly the person who lives in the flat above my flat that I think might be able to hear, but I have asked him before and he said he doesn’t hear me so I should believe him! 😄 And as people often remind me, maybe people would enjoy hearing anyway!

    Good luck with your Scarborough Fair. I think I might start that lesson too. I was going to learn Yesterday but just realised I do not have G levers so that lesson will have to wait until such a day when I add more levers to my harp.

    We must learn to be patient and stick to the videos then 😁 Keep me posted on how you’re doing…perhaps it will encourage me to get on with playing 🤞x