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  • Judiann Maddigan

    16 March, 2021 at 1:44 am

    @stephen.peterson raised some good questions in the Activity Feed. I wanted to add the information in this thread, too, since it will scroll off the feed.

    The first question was how many practice notes are in each session (300, 500, 1000)? When I did it, I didn’t let the scores accumulate. In the upper right corner, you can click on the three dots and choose “Reset Score.” That will start counting from zero again. I set a timer for only 5 minutes for each of my sessions, always resetting the score to zero. As soon as I felt I knew the notes for that level and I managed to do 5 minutes with only a couple of errors, I would move on to the next level. I didn’t worry about a few careless errors. However, when I was making more mistakes or I had long pauses because I really didn’t know the notes well enough, I would stay on that level until they felt secure.

    The next question was whether the notes in each session are at random. My answer was: “I’m not sure. I suspect that if you make a mistake, the program will repeat that note more often, giving you more practice on it. But that might only have been my imagination — There’s that pesky F again, lol.” Since then, I’ve run a short test, and it turns out I really was imagining that. The frequency looks fairly even and the order is random, as far as I can tell. It doesn’t seem to favor repeating notes that you miss.

    Is anyone else trying these exercises? How is it going for you?