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  • Angela Young

    14 March, 2021 at 1:18 am

    1. I grew up hearing a wonderful harpist at my church. That was the seed that was planted. 5 years ago when my 8 yo son had cancer, he had a music therapist that would come as a part of his hospice and “Music Mark” as we fondly called him played the guitar and relayed how music and specifically vibrations from the guitar and Hapi Drum can be very soothing. After my son passed, my daughter and I would go to a Christmas peace service by a woman who played the harp. We went a couple years until I came home and announced to my husband that I wanted to play the harp. We bought a harp kit. With no woodworking experiance, it took 10 months to get up the courage to attempt it. We had it together in 1 week. It has brought peace and comfort and was wonderful to have during my Covid furlough.

    2. I love to play popular music, celtic, hymns, therapeutic or video game music.

    3. I need to work on memorization. I like to sit down and play multiple things. Not staying on one thing too long.

    4. I love the peace and calm that the harp brings to me physically and emotionally.