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  • Rebecca Caldwell

    11 March, 2021 at 5:45 pm

    So glad the site is back up! I just wanted to update my thread here, while the site was down I was getting a cortisone injection in my shoulder and resting a bit. I would like to report for those who may stumble on this thread that the injection was not painful. It was unpleasant and anxiety producing, but not ‘painful’. The injection location was numbed with some cold topical stuff, then she prepared me for the possibility that she’d have to move the needle around once she was in there. Right before the injection she told me to breathe in, then out, then she asked me about my dogs! Perfect question for me because I love talking about my dogs, so it was the distraction I needed. The unpleasant feeling of the needle in the shoulder felt like a worm wiggling around (creepy! it was a dull creepy sensation but not pain) but once I got done naming and describing my beloved dogs, it was over! Unfortunately It has been almost a week and I’m not feeling much relief (yet?). So I don’t know that it works for everyone. Maybe it’ll take more time. I’m starting physical therapy (again) next week. Meanwhile, I practice my harp in short sessions and try to focus on my good (right) hand/arm.