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  • Carolyn Ancell

    11 March, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    There is an increasing amount of print music for double-strung harp. Check out Melody’s Traditional Music. Also Carolyn Deal’s online double-strung tutorials are fantastic. I have pretty much shifted exclusively to double; although my lovely single still rests in the living room corner (not quite ready to part with it). Can rent or borrow a double strung harp for a bit before making the leap? I pretty much adapt all my past single strung music to my double. It sometimes takes some creativity (like moving a note to one side or another, playing in a different hand than is written). I have MuseScore on my computer (the free version), and re-write my old music for my double. Takes a bit of time to learn to use the app, and then a bit of time to write out the music; but it is well worth the effort. But be kind to yourself, and start with music someone has already written out for the double.