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  • Judy Anderson

    10 March, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    I’m in training to be a Healing Harpist. There is a difference between therapeutic musician and music therapist. The latter is interactive and usually requires graduate education. Therapeutic musician plays at the bedside. I suggest you read Stella Benson’s book The Healing Musician for an idea of what the work is lhttps://www.nsbtm.org/. The one I’m in is Harp for Healing. It was always virtual, except of course for the internship. How you structure what you play depends on the patient. There are different ways of playing and types of music depending on condition of patient, if they are dying, in pain, anxious, etc.

    The music is supposed to be very simple, not complicated. So something like melody line and chords. But the improv is a bit of a challenge, I’m better with going with what someone else has put together. But they have training and lessons on improve.