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  • Katharina Kleidosty

    3 March, 2021 at 10:31 pm

    My house has an open-plan ground floor area with no doors between kitchen, hallway, living room and the stairway to the upper floor, so one humidifier is not enough to raise the humidity in the living room, where my instruments live ?

    During the winter, when it’s below freezing outside and humidity is low, we’ve been keeping three evaporative humidifiers running almost 24/7 to keep the humidity above 40%.

    I’ve heard that evaporative humidifiers with filters are the best, because they won’t leave a film on objects near the humidifier, which can happen with other kinds. (I don’t remember what kind of a humidifier the first one we got was, but we threw it out after it left a strange calcified film on our smooth tiles in the kitchen. We had to dissolve it with vinegar before we could get the tiles clean again.)