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  • Kathryn Boston

    3 March, 2021 at 7:40 pm

    Hello all you silver harpists! My harp journey started 3 years ago with zero musical experience or knowledge, I just tried someone’s harp and it was love at first touch. I started with a tiny lap harp, then moved on to a badly made 34 string cheap harp. It was awful, but I don’t regret the purchase because it made me look into how it was made, and re-align levers etc.. Three years on and I have a beautiful Teifi Eos harp called Marguerite! I have had lessons here and there, I now have a wonderful teacher coaching me for my grade 3, but I find Christy-Lyn’s videos a really useful extra. I also live in a village in South West England and know no other harp players so am keen to meet other harpists online. p.s. I was 70 when I started, so never say never!