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  • Joan Hall

    3 March, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    I first heard a Celtic harp at a renaissance fair, and fell in love. I was working the fair as a strolling singer (ghastly job!). I was behind a stack of hay bales having a beer, hiding from the “fair police” who make sure people aren’t hiding behind hay bales having a beer instead of actively performing. Someone nearby was playing a small harp and I was completely enchanted!

    My 2021 harp goal is to accompany myself on the harp while singing. Now my musical life is split: I harp _or_ I sing. I want to put them together. (I was a classical voice major in college.)

    My favorite thing about playing the harp is that people enjoy the sound even if you’re just practicing. A classical soprano warming up/practicing is NOT a source of unmitigated joy for all within earshot, LOL!!