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  • Connie LoPorto

    3 March, 2021 at 6:54 am

    Hi Kathleen, I wanted to play harp when I was about 10yrs old being the oldest of 10 the $$$ were not there. When I married at 21, my husband promised a harp. Then an accident and kids well LIFE happened. When my husband received no so good info about his Cancer my harp became the first on his bucket list. I had bad tremors and didn’t think I was able to help him keep his promise. I was 67yrs. a harp became available, no teachers, no music back ground the rush was on to get something to play and fast. I was introduced to the internet and surfed everything was confusing until I found Christy-Lyn Sally Gardens for free. To hard, Sailing on the Lake did it. Then I joined her. My husband is so proud of me. He is still here enjoying my journey and glad he did it. I look forward now to encourage everyone, don’t say I can’t, just make it happen. Your desire is your strength, your determination is you success. Your reason could be your drive.