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  • Daleen Comer

    3 March, 2021 at 5:18 am

    Hi, Pam,

    I live in southern California and I have played piano for over 50 years; I also majored in piano performance in college and was a teacher until recently retiring. Plucking was a huge issue for me, and I still struggle with keeping the fingers down and thumbs up. Over the years I played around with a harp that my husband built while I was in college, but it was not really playable for me – the string spacing was too narrow. A few years ago when rheumatoid arthritis ruined my joints, piano was not going to be my main instrument anymore, so I thought, why not harp? I got a harp with wider spacing and started watching Christy-Lyn’s videos. I don’t mind playing very simple songs, because they sound so good just because they’re being played on a harp. Not like when my kids were learning cello and violin – ouch! I am also having fun playing some simple classical piano pieces on the harp, taken from my teaching materials. It’s a good challenge to figure out the fingering and bracketing, and it’s nice to hear classical music on the harp.