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  • Monique Klabis

    3 March, 2021 at 12:39 am

    Hi, everyone! Happy to see you all here. I’m 60. I started harp when I was about 43. I fell in love with harps in California in elementary school when an orchestra visited. A Scottish and Irish background also contributed. I bought my Prelude 38 (Maeve) about 16 years ago and took lessons as I could. When my son died 13 years ago, I stopped. Silly really, as she would have been a comfort, but joy departed and I made excuses. I retired from the federal government after 33 years and from the military after 20 years. I could never get rid of Maeve, for sentimental reasons or somehow I knew I would need her again, so I have dragged her from both the desert and mountains of Arizona, to the Pacific Northwest. Enter Christ-Lyn. She has made such a difference and is why Maeve is no longer neglected and collecting dust. I could go on and on about what Christy-Lyn means to me, but I don’t think that’s even necessary here. I have added an older used Allegro (Wee Brigid) to the family. We are very happy and grateful to be back on the path with all of you.