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  • Jan Kingston

    2 March, 2021 at 9:33 pm

    Hi all! I’m Jan and haven’t put my picture on my profile yet. Just wandering around the site at the moment. But I wanted to say hi. I’m 59. (lol, I typo’d and put 29 by accident at first; definitely not 29). I began to play in 2001. I took some lessons and played when I could until about 2011, when I and my husband moved (from Seattle to Utah) into my mother-in-law’s home and helped care for her for a couple of years. Then I went back to school for a few more years. Didn’t really have space in my MIL’s house, and then life was super full with school, so I stopped playing. During Covid, I have gone back at it. Feel like I’m improving. Yes, things take longer, but that’s okay. My harp is a Dusty Strings Bubinga 36 with gut strings. I’m really loving playing, and I look forward to knowing you all more as time goes on. Oh, and I’m in the US in Utah.