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  • Katharina Kleidosty

    2 March, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    1. What made you decide to start playing the harp?

    I’m a violinist and was just starting to get back into regular orchestra work after taking a break for a few years when my kids were little, when the first lockdown hit. My country went into lockdown just two days before I was supposed to play in a big concert. All my ongoing and upcoming projects were cancelled. I lost all motivation to practise my violin, and even though I managed to play a few projects in the summer, it was so difficult to get work that I decided to look for a second possible career. I eventually found a course for music therapy, but to get in I’d have to learn guitar, oud or harp as my main instrument. I decided on the harp because that was my favourite out of the three choices, and I’m so glad I did! (I’m actually just about to send in my finished application! Wish me luck!)

    2. What is your favorite style or genre of harp music?

    Anything, really. I love Celtic, classical, meditative contemporary original harp music, and arrangements of contemporary songs.

    3. What are your harp-related goals for 2021?

    Successfully get into the music therapy course, work on my sight-reading, and become more confident in my technique.

    4. What do you enjoy most about playing the harp?

    It’s just such a relaxing sound! And it sounds nice right from the start, even as a complete beginner.

    5. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    This is the most supportive and positive musical community I’ve ever been in, and I’m glad to be here! ?