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  • Katie Atwell

    2 March, 2021 at 8:09 am

    Hi everyone! I’ve also been suffering from what is likely shoulder impingement as well as tendonitis in the wrists. I haven’t found it easy to go to doctor or therapy appointments but I have found some useful resources on Youtube that have helped me learn exercises and stretches that have helped me make decent progress in healing and feeling physically better in general. One of the channels that has a lot of information on shoulder impingement is Bob & Brad on Youtube. They are both physical therapists and post lots of videos on different exercises for healing from all sorts of injuries. Another one is Dr. Levi Harrison on Youtube who has some great videos for hand and wrist exercises to stay in shape and prevent straining from repetitive use. His videos are directed toward gamers but the exercises themselves would be beneficial to anyone I’m sure, especially anyone who uses a computer frequently.

    It’s been really hard having my injuries the past few months, especially since it’s at the same time as I started trying to get into harp, and I empathize with any of you who are working through injuries. But Cynthia is right, we can get better! In fact, having these injuries has taught me about the importance of exercises and stretching, and I want to do what I can to heal and become strong in the future so I am more capable moving forward. We hear that suffering can be a blessing in disguise, and though it’s really hurt to go through, I definitely believe that.