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  • Playing the harp after mastectomy

  • Linda Browning

    3 March, 2021 at 11:17 am

    Hello all! Last August, I had a bilateral mastectomy and it greatly affected my harp playing. There was a psychological aspect to this as well as a physical aspect. My harp at that time was a Ravenna 34, and I was told not to play it fir six weeks! Even after that time had passed, it’s weight was too great for my right shoulder (the side that had cancer). I ended up buying an Allegro, which was much more comfortable and the sound is better too!

    Now I am pretty much recovered from that surgery and the radiation, but will be scheduled for the reconstruction in a month or two. (Currently have tissue expanders.) I’m wondering if any of you have gone through this process and have any ideas on how I can better handle this next recovery while playing the harp. I’ve heard that this surgery is much simpler so I’m hoping not to lose another six weeks!

    Thank you!

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