Here are some resources to go with your new Fireside Harp!

You’re at the start of a harp adventure, hooray!


You must be excited to start playing, but also maybe a bit daunted?

Well, I'm here to take you through each step so that it feel simple and fun.

You can do it!

xx Christy-Lyn

Dave Magnuson from Backyard Music with Christy-Lyn from Learning the Harp

1. Access your FREE introductory lessons

First time playing the harp?

These videos will teach you everything you need to get started!

Click: "Learning the Harp: Start HERE"

Make sure you have all the foundations before you move on to the next step!

2. Learn your first harp pieces

(with a discount!)

Once you've finished your free lessons, you're ready for your first 'real' harp pieces!


In my "Video Lessons" I teach your first harp pieces, note by note.

Use your coupon code to get your Video Lessons Bundle at a 20% discount!

Click: Learn your 1st harp piece [20% off!]

3. Learn further with FREE Resources

I'm here to make learning the harp feel simple and doable. 


So I've made hundreds of videos on my YouTube channel answering harp questions.


I hope they will help you to thrive on your harp journey!

Click: "Free Harp Resources"

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