Feeling Nostalgic (Sheet Music)

Feeling Nostalgic Harp Sheet music

Feeling Nostalgic is written to capture the feeling of looking back on bittersweet memories. It has flowing movement between the hands with a serious, wistful undertone.

Level: Mid beginner harp piece (for comparison to other pieces, go here)

Skills needed: You should be comfortable with using fingers 1, 2 and 3 and basic bracketing before trying this piece. This is a great piece to practice playing hands together. 

Type of harp: lever harps, including lap harps.

Key: C Major (no flats or sharps). No pedal or lever changes are included.

Product: PDF Download of 1 page. Fingering is indicated.

Did you know, you can also get this piece through the Sheet Music Club? For the same price as sheet music each month, you can be part of a community of harp players who are all learning these pieces together. What a great way to stay inspired!

If you’re teaching yourself:

This is not meant to be a first harp piece. I recommend using “Play the Harp Beautifully: Self-teaching Book”  to learn the basics. I write my pieces to supplement a step-by-step learning process.

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