O Holy Night Course

Tia Louw · 2 November, 2021

If you want to play a Christmas song that changes the atmosphere and shows off what the harp can do, this is the one! O Holy Night is a spectacular Christmas song that brings drama and a wow-factor, while proclaiming the truth about Jesus’ birth and that he came to bring hope. Christy-Lyn’s arrangement has beautiful downwards rippling arpeggios (similar to “The Little Fountain”), a dramatic glissando and a lot of dynamic variation.

Level: Late-intermediate. The right hand is busy – it plays the melody in between playing downwards arpeggios and 4-note rolled chords, and also swaps down to join the left hand accompaniment. There are some quick lever changes including a spot where you change two levers at once. There is also a glissando that ends on a specific note.


Type of harp: Lever harps or pedal harps; it is written with lever harps in mind, but pedal harps can just do the pedal changes at the first indication of a lever change of that note. This arrangement comes with a big harp version which requires at least 33 strings, and a small harp version which requires at least 26 strings.


Range: Big harp version: lowest note is C two octaves below middle C, highest note is C two octaves above middle C. Small harp version: lowest note is C an octave below middle C, highest note is G two and a half octaves above middle C.


Levers/pedals: Big harp version: it is in the key of F major, with B flats in the key signature and with B and G lever changes. Small harp version: it is in the key of C major, with F and D lever changes.



Product: Video Course with multiple lessons to learn O Holy Night (late-intermediate), and the sheet music for O Holy Night (late-intermediate), including versions for big and small harps.

Here is the audio for the big harp version, followed by the small harp version:

Is your practice a waste of time?

Most of us follow this pattern: get excited by a new piece, get the sheet music, try to figure out the notes. If you just play the piece over enough times, eventually it will sound smooth and perfect… right?


Wrong! You might see some improvement after hours of practicing, but when you come back on another day it all falls to pieces again.  Instead of being excited to play the harp, practicing makes you feel exhausted and discouraged.


How can others make it look so easy? Is there something you’re missing?

"I used to get so frustrated when I started a new song. I used to play each hand separately and then had a hard time to put them together. Now, I learn a new song with more confidence and enjoy leaning a new song. Thank you"
Lan Cuprzinski

Methodical learning: The secret to learning more in less time

What’s missing from most people’s harp journey is Methodical Learning: the kind of practice that ACTUALLY leads to success. 


Instead of just playing a piece many times and hoping that it will improve, Methodical Learning uses proven strategies to increase your skill level and apply good technique at the same time as learning the notes of a new piece, so that you have all the tools to play smoothly, without pausing or fumbling for notes.  


Practicing effectively is the most important skill you will EVER master in your harp journey. It’s been proven over and over again: when you apply the Methodical Learning principles, your playing with improve dramatically. 


And you don’t have to do only boring exercises until you are ‘good enough’ to play something that sounds nice; you can learn beautiful pieces right from the start, because you are working on foundational technique as you go.


Once you master the ability to quickly and confidently practice a new piece until it’s fluent, the whole world of beautiful harp pieces awaits!

"Every time I practice and then come back the next day I notice improvement. You have taught me HOW to practice and that is such a gift."
Barbara Mitchell

Video Courses that get results

The only problem is that even teachers can’t guide you through each practice session. And that’s where the important stuff happens!


That’s why we create Online Video Courses: to guide you through your practice time, helping you to apply the correct methods as you go. 


With our courses, you will:

  1. Learn a harp piece note by note – no need to read sheet music.
  2. Work on your harp technique at the same time.
  3. Break the piece down into manageable chunks so that you don’t get overwhelmed.
  4. Learn how to practice effectively.
  5. Have fun with a ‘Classmates’ group who can answer your questions.

Once you see the impact it makes, you will enjoy your harp playing more than ever!

"The way you break things down just makes it so POSSIBLE to achieve. I absolutely love your method of teaching … your learning 'techniques' have helped me so much!"
Linda Kummelman

Meet your instructor, Christy-Lyn

Christy-Lyn friendly teacher

Renowned Harp teacher Christy-Lyn has helped hundreds of harp players all over the world to achieve success in their harp playing. 


With her background in Occupational Therapy, Christy-Lyn uses her analytical skills to identify stumbling blocks and break things down until they feel clear and doable… no matter who is using the course!


Christy-Lyn is passionate about helping people to achieve their dream of playing the harp, particularly those who feel that they are ‘too old’, ‘too slow’ or ‘not talented enough’. 

"I never felt that I progressed with my harp playing. I felt frustrated that I couldn't play the harp as I wanted to, and gradually let my playing lapse. When I found Christy-Lyn on the internet, she re-awakened my joy in my harp. Thank you so much"
Jackie Kafcaloudes

A welcoming community

If you’ve ever felt that you’re unusually slow, have no patience or are too old to consider starting a new instrument, you are not alone. Many people from our community have experienced the same things. And they have been able to find incredible joy in playing the harp in spite of them!


People with all different limitations,

  • adults who have never played an instrument before and can’t read sheet music
  • people with physical disabilities and vision loss
  • people who are in their 70’s and 80’s and those who have chronic illnesses

…are all learning to reach their fullest potential on the harp!

Together we’re bringing the joy back, giving each other encouragement and finding ways to overcome the challenges along the learning journey.

"I am so grateful for this community of caring and supportive harp learners that you have created. Yesterday's Online Meetup was a watershed moment for me in getting past my anxiety of playing for an audience. Everyone was so supportive. I feel like a great obstacle in my path between me and the music has largely dissolved. So thank you and to all the harpists who gave me courage, I wish I could wrap my arms around you all."
Maraji Gwynallen

What this means for you

Everything will change when you get the guidance and support that you need to reach your potential as a harp player.


When you can learn a new piece and get it to fluency in weeks instead of months.


When you actually enjoy your practice time because it isn’t so discouraging.


When you’re able to play confidently in front of others.


When you see progress every week instead of feeling totally lost.


If you feel an urge to play the harp, there is a reason. We are all designed to bring something beautiful to the world, and playing the harp could be part of that. 


Take a step today. Don’t let anything stand in the way of you realising your dream!

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