Mahogany Moon was inspired by a rare lunar eclipse, which turned the moon a mystical dusty red. The piece sounds atmospheric and creates an other-worldly moment for the listeners, while sticking to very basic harp skills

Early-Beginner: The melody is shared between the right and the left hands; the two hands never play at the same time. Only fingers 1, 2 and 3 are used and there are never more than 3 notes per hand in each measure.

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15 string harp (C to C) and larger

Lowest note is D, just above middle C. Highest note is C, two octaves above middle C

The piece is in the key of A minor (G sharp levers set). If you do not have levers, you can tune all your G strings up before playing this piece. No pedal or lever changes are included

Mahogany Moon
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