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"Your videos give me hope that a different approach is just what I need to be successful." - Vanessa Hodge


Sally Gardens        (Late Beginner)

Sally Gardens is a lovely tune that everyone will recognize!

Christy-Lyn takes you through her easy arrangement note by note, teaching the correct technique and giving reminders to help you apply it.


Amazing Grace        (Mid Beginner)

A wonderful piece to have in your repertoire! This arrangement keeps things simple, so playing with hands together isn’t such a challenge.

Awe and Wonder       (Late Beginner)

I wrote this piece when I was thinking about how amazing creation is – it’s so big and beautiful, and God created it all... and yet He still cares about me!

This is My Father's World       (Late Beginner)

What a beautiful hymn about nature and the wonderful Creator who made it all! This is a hymn that many of us associate with fond childhood memories.


After the Rain        (Early Beginner)​

This peaceful tune is written to sound like water dripping off the trees. It is ideal to work on basic bracketing (placing before playing).​

Mahogany Moon        (Early Beginner)​

This atmospheric and otherworldly piece was inspired by a recent lunar eclipse.​

O Come, Emmanuel       (Late Beginner)​

This beautiful Christmas carol originates from 15th century France. ​


"Playing with the video is such a helpful way to remember all the elements of technique that make for a beautiful sound. And it sure cuts down on the frustration because you are there to encourage and cheer me on." 

- Cheryl van Herk

"Thank you so much for the video lessons. They are really helping me to reconnect with my harp. I have been frustrated of late, but your videos give me hope that a different approach is just what I need to be successful." 

- Vanessa Hodge

"Your warm and encouraging way of presenting the material helped me to relax and not worry that I would be too slow. I liked being able to play along with you as I don’t have an opportunity to connect with other harpists." 

- Lita Murphy


Learn a piece in no time

Each lesson teaches a harp piece from start to finish. It's like having a  teacher sitting right next to you, breaking things down and encouraging you as you go. 

Life-time access

The video can be streamed like a YouTube video or downloaded to your computer. You have access forever, so you can watch as many times as you like.

Find your place with the Index page

You will also receive a printable one page Index Page to help you navigate to the exact moment in the video you want to repeat.

High-quality videos

The videos are filmed with high quality picture and audio, with a wide and close angle so that you can see Christy-Lyn's hands and face at the same time.

With sheet music or without

Sheet music is available along with the video lesson for a discounted price. However, the video lessons are designed to teach you the piece even if you don't read sheet music and prefer to learn from video only.

I'm not at all technology savvy. Will I be able to manage the online videos?

Ivette Ellis says "It was easy! I would say if I can do it, anyone can!”

We use quite simple technology to deliver the video lessons. It's like a combination of purchasing something on Amazon and watching a YouTube video.

Don't let technology be a barrier to accessing the content you need! We have a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page, and if there are any problems, we are available over email to help.

How are these video lessons presented? Do I get actual DVDs?

No. This course is presented through online videos and sheet music PDFs (if applicable). After you go through the checkout process to purchase the course, you’ll receive an email with a link to access the video. You have immediate access to watch the videos and print the sheet music (if applicable). There is nothing shipped in the mail to you. No DVDs, books, nor anything like that.

For how long do I get access to these videos?

Your purchase gives you access to the videos forever! You can download the videos and watch them again and again. Or you can watch them directly online, as many times as you want.

In fact, we SUGGEST you go through it a few times as you’re learning the piece, and then return to the video whenever you want a refresher.

I'm a brand new beginner on the harp. Will these video lessons work for me?

These video lessons are great for beginners, but they are not intended to teach you basic harp technique from scratch.

We suggest that you use the lessons in conjunction with a good method book. Christy-Lyn recommends Pamela Bruner's Play the Harp Beautifully. Each video lesson has a note regarding which pages you need to have completed in the book before attempting the video lesson.

If you are new to the harp, a great video lesson to start with is After the Rain! It only uses 2 fingers on each hand so that you can focus on your hand position.


"When I saw your video on YouTube about the harp lessons, I thought I'd take the plunge and buy the bundle to get myself back into learning. As a beginner it is very helpful to have the video of the music being played so that I can hear what it should sound like. Getting the rhythm right is always tricky, but your tips and advice have been so  helpful. It is also good to have nice sounding beginner pieces because it takes a lot longer on the harp to get to the level of playing songs that are familiar. "

- Peter Ogrodnik 

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