Amazing Grace (Sheet Music)

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Amazing Grace (Sheet Music)


Amazing Grace is a wonderful piece to have in your repertoire, and you don’t need to wait until you’re at an intermediate level! This arrangement keeps things as simple as possible, while retaining the melody and chords we know and love. 

Level: Mid beginner harp piece

Skills needed: You should be comfortable with using fingers 1, 2 and 3, basic bracketing, overlapping brackets and using hands together before trying this piece.

Type of harp: lever harps, including lap harps.

Key: C major (no levers set). No pedal or lever changes are included.

Product: PDF Download of 2 pages. Fingering is indicated.

Want to fast-track your learning?

You can learn "Amazing Grace" with a video lesson!  

It's a really fun and easy way to learn. I teach you how to play the notes, the right technique and give reminders and encouragement as we go.

Never feel defeated by learning a harp piece again! 

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