Hi, I'm Christy-Lyn!

I'm a curly-haired harp player whose favourite thing is drinking a cup of tea with a cat on my lap. I work with my two sisters and brother-in-law (below) and together we connect with harpists all over the world!


I am passionate about helping harpists to reach their harp dreams and make the world a better place with harp music. I create videos with tips, advice and encouragement so that even harpists without a teacher can thrive in their harp playing.

Megan is the big sister and amazing right-hand-woman. She's super-organised, so she keeps our team productive and helps work out all the finer details. 

Megan likes to say that her super-power is making cookies... and it's true!! Her other super-power is friendliness; Megan can make anyone feel at home and welcome.

Cara is the younger sister and she brings a real sense of grounding to our team. Her main job is doing the extra deep thinking and research that makes our content super super helpful. We couldn't manage without her!

Cara is married to Kevin, and the two of them always have an amazing DIY project on the go. If you like home-made birthday presents, make friends with Cara and Kevin!

Kevin (Cara's husband) is our favorite brother-in-law! The last project he worked on before he left his work as an orchestral composer for film and commercials was the award-winning Netflix documentary "My Octopus Teacher".


Now we are beyond thrilled to have him full-time on our team. Creativity, initiative and helpfulness just flow out from him! 

If Kevin could stop time he would use it to learn all the exciting things he wishes he had time for. Too many fun projects and too little time!

Mike is the reason we are able to produce Video Lessons so consistently! He has a gift for being reliable and consistent, and he's always ​enthusiastic and ready to help with any new video project we dream up. A video editor like him is a treasure!

He has a secret love for romantic comedies. Maybe that makes sense because we first got to know him when he created Cara and Kevin's wedding video!

Tia is our wonderful admin assistant! She calmly takes responsibility for lots of things behind the scenes. She is also the one replying to many of your emails, so if you receive a friendly message from her, now you know the face behind it!

Tia has a weakness for cute animals, especially the LTH family's puppy Ruby. In her other jobs she edits videos for her church, and creates commissioned digital illustrations.

Dawn (our Mom) and Alan (our Dad) are definitely part of the team! 

Dawn takes care of filtering the inbox every morning, directing the emails to the right people and saving Megan a LOT of time! She also keeps us fed and the home where our office is running smoothly. 

Alan is the computer wizard who takes care of our technical needs. His long term hobby of video-editing gave Christy-Lyn the background knowledge to start her YouTube channel. Our business analytics are snazzy now thanks to his data-warehousing expert status.

Ruby (fully grown now) is super smart and affectionate. Her favorite is when we have lunch time picnics on the lawn!

Jasper is usually an independent soul. But his winter personality is pudgy-cheeked, cuddly and affectionate!

Tanzi is a bit of an odd one. She loves saying hi, but hates being touched. And she really really loves the dogs!

Megan says Jade is objectively the fluffiest cat in the world. The others all say she bites, but Megan says it's just aggressive affection!

Here's a video of the three sisters answering questions about ourselves and interacting like we do every day. Hope you enjoy getting to know us in our 'natural habitat'!

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